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WinFlex, offered by Ebix Life, Inc., is a multi-carrier insurance illustration system. WinFlex offers the convenience of standardized data entry and output for each carrier and product – ideal for the brokerage market. WinFlex also offers several advanced sales concepts.
WinFlex (Desktop and Web-based) offers all life products in our portfolio, as well as deferred annuities and A&H products. Indexed annuities are not included in WinFlex.

Looking to install the American General Winflex Illustration system? Click here!

For any assistance with the installation, please contact technical support at 1-877-800-2462


We use WinFlex, a multi-carrier illustration system

  • Learn how to launch WinFlex, create a case, input client data, select a product, and view, print and save your cases with Getting Started with WinFlex.
  • Learn how to work with the client list, create multiple quotes, create comparisons, view policy information, set and forget Internet updates and e-mail an illustration with Top Tips.


If you need assistance with running quotes/illustrations in WinFlex please call Marketing Support, 800-677-3311, prompt 2 then prompt 1 and finally prompt 2.


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